dr. Cocora Beatrice
Client-centred legal services
  • At favourable prices
  • In English
  • In the heart of Budapest, next to the Basilica

Working languages:
  • English
  • Hungarian
  • Romanian

dr. Cocora Beatrice
We help our non-Hungarian clients to
  • successfully navigate through any kind of legal challenge they might face in Hungary
  • develop their business in Hungary
  • manage their real estate business, or acquire their dream real estate in Hungary
by providing professional, responsive, timely, relevant legal advice in English.

If you honour us with your trust and bring your case to us, you can be sure that

  • Your case will be handled
    • at the highest possible professional level,
    • at favourable prices – offering several discounts,
    • efficiently and professionally, and with maximum discretion;
  • Your commission will be executed
    • with a practical approach,
    • flexibly,
    • in harmony with your individual needs,
    • moreover, in a proactive manner, by taking into consideration every important aspect of the matter;
  • We will solve your problem
    • with maximum discretion
    • by internalising your needs and priorities
    • in an innovative manner, overseeing legal and expert areas in a complex manner
    • that is, with determination, commitment and care as if it was our own
Our primary goal:

to turn the TRUST given to us by our clients into > SATISFACTION

In the interest of achieving this GOAL

We put our full capacity at our clients’ disposal:
  • exclusive central office, located in the heart of Budapest
  • consultation in the provinces, in Pécs
  • the latest technological tools
  • partner translation office, in which we collaborate with excellent lawyer and legal translator colleagues

    thus we are at our clients’ disposal at flexible locations and channels of communication, at all times.

    thus translations needed for any transactions can be administered at us in a “single-window” system, sparing our clients from any further superfluous red tape

We have established strategic partnerships and operative work relations with
  • experts of real estate agency activities
  • accountancy
  • tax counselling and auditing experts
  • forensic experts
  • assessors
  • psychologists

    thus we are ready to answer any complex questions we receive in the most professional manner possible –in line with our clients’ business, accountancy, taxation and other interests

We have established work relations with foreign law offices

  • thus we can assist in the administration of matters spanning country borders in the given country
Dr Beatrice Cocora
Born in Cluj Napoca, Romania, and settled in Hungary in 1989.
Studied and worked in an international environment all along.

Received a first degree as a student of liberal arts, majoring in English, within the Msc school of the University of Pécs; following this, she conducted a Ph.D. study with the applied sociolinguistic programme of the University of Pécs Doctoral School of Linguistics, and published several studies in her field, in the area of language rights, language and educational policy.

In 1996, she founded Law&Language Translation Office, and worked as a Hungarian/Romanian/English certified legal translator for close to two decades.

She received her lawyer’s degree summa cum laude, also at University of Pécs.

She spent her apprenticeship in Pécs law offices, specialising in civil law – with special emphasis on real estate law, company law and family law. Following her successful bar examination, she practices as a member of Budapest Chamber of Lawyers in Budapest, also providing legal consultation in the provinces, if required.
cellphone: +36 30 682 4766
e-mail: dr.beatrice@cocora.hu

Client-centred legal services
  • At favourable prices
  • In English
  • In the heart of Budapest, next to the Basilica

Working languages:
  • English
  • Hungarian
  • Romanian

Cocora Legal
Dr. Beatrice Cocora lawyer
Phone: +36 30 6824766 - E-mail: mailto:dr.beatrice@cocora.hu
Member of Budapest Bar Association: www.bpugyvedikamara.hu

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